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Spooky Shenanigans

28 Oct



It’s Halloween this Friday and Giant Burger are playing a ghoulish gig at Paper Dress Vintage in Shoreditch, alongside The Indelicates and Night Flowers.

Here’s the Facebook event page for those who like that sort of thing:


Performing at Jester Jesters' Puppetry Night

Performing at Jester Jesters’ Puppetry Night

I’ve been doing a fair ol’ bit of stand-up lately, including a rather delightful puppetry themed night yesterday at Jester Jesters (hence Sooty) and I’ve got a lot of spots coming up before the year is through. Look at the Stand Up page for full listings.


Hopefully see you at something soon!


Owain. x



3 Oct

Hello there,

The wonderful open mic stand-up comedy night Jester Jesters had its 4th ever Plagiarism Night on Monday 30th September, for which I decided to do jokes written by primary school children.

I have a friend who works as a primary school teacher and, despite telling them about a month in advance, they finally got me a selection of jokes together at lunchtime that very day (hence the clipboard).

Anyway, Jonathan Hearn of Jester Jesters was kind enough to film and upload the clip to Youtube and you can watch it here:

Check out the Stand-Up page for details of all my upcoming stand-up gigs.

All the best,


Catford Comedy

24 Apr


Thought I’d quickly hoot about the launch night of Catford Comedy that I’m performing at tonight, it has a sterling line-up (see the poster below) and is absolutely free to come along to.  It’s at the Catford Bridge Tavern and the show should start about 8pm, and I’m really looking forward to it…

Catford Tavern Comedy

Maybe I’ll see you there?  (Have a gander at the stand-up page to see what other gigs I’ve got coming up).

Ta ta,

Owain. x

Funny How?

12 Oct
Kentish Town graffiti

Kentish Town graffiti (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I made my sophomore stand-up appearance last night, at The Freedom Fridge in the Torriano Bar, Kentish Town.  I was, I must admit, pretty nervous about the gig, maybe even more so than my debut back in July.


It had been almost three months since my first show, not entirely intentionally, and when I’d performed for the first time it had been announced that it was my first ever slot, so I was concerned that the audience had ‘gone easy’ on me.


I came away from last night’s gig feeling a strange sort of ‘Zen‘, I have a good bead on where my flaws currently lie as a stand-up (beyond not being funny enough) and what I can try and work on in the future.  But, I won’t get into that here, if you’re really interested in my self-absorbed thoughts that feel free to come along and ask me at one of my future stand-up shows, which I’ve now started listing on the Stand-Up page of this site.


Hopefully I’ll see you at a show soon!