I began making films as soon as my family got a camcorder in 1995, these ranged from a one man soap opera called Owain Street to stop-motion animation films made with my Robin Hood lego, sadly, only the former survives to this day…

Around 1997 I started to collaborate on some very silly short films with my school friend Carl Morris, primarily these were flimsy spoofs such as Mission: Improbable and The Unthinkables (as well as the great, but sadly unfinished, Back To The Fruit Shop).  This creative partnership lead to our Media Studies A-Level film Turnip about a killing spree that occurs once a hippy wins a tv show called Get Rich Quickly.

In 2005 Morris and I shot out first feature film, a ridiculously ambitious and simultaneously unambitious Arthurian adventure called Basements & Bastards, which was the sequel to a film we’d made earlier called, um, Basements & Bastards, and not to be confused with the prequel we had made which was called, er, Basements & Bastards 2.

At the same time as all this I made a few films at University with people other than Carl, and once I graduated I animated a music video for the Cardiff band Attack + Defend.  This animation lead to a commission for Channel 4’s Big Brother’s Little Brother in which I animated a one minute overview of a week in the Big Brother house, and Dermot O’Leary pronounced my name incorrectly and, the following day, had to apologise because my mum phoned up to tell him off.

I then directed a couple more videos for Attack + Defend which were screened on ITV Wales, the BBC Cymru website and at the Swn Festival in 2007.  A couple of years later I also shot the Los Campesinos! video The Sea Is A Good Place To Think Of The Future.

In 2009 I experimented with the idea of doing a green screen film, using a blue bed sheet taped to a kitchen wall, I made a rather shoddy sci-fi centred around a cocksure idiot called Captain Neon.  A short while later I purchased a proper green screen and a massive workman’s light and made a still shoddy  but assuredly so, new episode of Captain Neon which ultimately lead to me convincing three proper actors to come in and play some roles in the increasingly bizarre web series (there are still a few more episodes to finish).

From 2010 to 2016 I worked full time as a video editor for a marketing company in South West London, managing to find time in amongst all that to act in the occasional short (like this) and make music videos for my own bands, and artists I really love like Aidan Smith.

In 2016 I went freelance, directing my first professional short film in 2017 called Adam Meet Eve, and continuing to make music videos for the likes of Magic Mist & Oxygen Thief.

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