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Useless Talk

20 Feb

Morning all,

The charming chaps at Useless Talk contacted me way back when expressing their enjoyment of my Captain Neon films (the crazy fools!), and invited me to chat with them on their podcast about it… I was honoured and humbled, and very grateful to do so!

Thus I woke up at 8am after playing a gig with the band, somewhat hungover, and spoke to Mike and Bruce (all the way over the ocean in Los Angeles, it was midnight for them) and we talked of films, stand-up, ghosts, time travel and ventriloquism. You can hear my sleepy natter with them yonder:

Thanks guys for having me on the show!



Three types of writing…

14 Jan

Here’s some writing I’ve been scrawling as of late:


A piece for a friend’s blog, she asked me to provide the “male perspective on periods”.


I’ve been quite productive on the short fiction front and regularly upload bits to this blogspot site. A few of them are older stories typed up from various notebooks, and I will continue to add old and new writing over the year.


Back in 1999/2000 when myself and my friend Carl Morris were doing our A-Levels we procrastinated a lot on some fiction writing that wound up becoming a very strange book called ‘Psyworm’. This is the version that had a small publishing run back in 2006, now available for Kindle. It’s very odd, but a few people have told us it’s also very funny.

Hope you enjoy some, if not, all of that!


Some writing…

16 Oct



A few bits of writing of different ilks…


A review of the film Ruby Sparks over at the Brighton & Hove Argus website HERE.


A tongue-in-cheek piece I contributed a little to for the blog Young Wombs HERE.


A bit of short fiction about time travel that I scribbled hastily HERE.






8 Oct

I kept on thinking about streamlining, primarily because I thought it involved carpeting a riverbed, but now I have come to realise it means making it easier for people to find all the gumpf I do across the interwebs into one central location for your ‘enjoyment’, and for mine, mainly mine.

In short, I’ve decided to try and centralise years worth of free range internet ambling and battery-farm it up into one consistent cabbage patch that shall be the Clapham Junction of my online presence.  Hopefully this will be a beautifully efficient launchpad and not a terribly organised, smelly mess (like Clapham Junction*).

Thanks for stopping by!


*No offence Clapham Junciton, I think you’re great really…