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Good Cop / Bad Cop

11 Aug


Here’s a short animation I made, it’s called Good Cop / Bad Cop.

All the best,

Owain x


31 Jul

Hello there,


Earlier this year I did some “acting” in a film by my friend Ellen Waddell. It’s called ‘Sublet’ and rather than tell you what it’s all about I’ll just suggest that you watch it here:

All the best,


Owain. x

Sublet from Ellen Waddell on Vimeo.

That Funny Thing

17 May

Here’s an improvised little monologue I shot for my friend Sean Connell (who has appeared in a few of my short films going back to about 2007).  It followed a long wander from Dalston to Angel in East London, some drinks in a rather nice pub and a desire to film something…

Hope you enjoy it!


2013: The disappointing sequel to that John Cusack movie

9 Jan


Happy New Year all, hope you’ve had fun times saying goodbye to that one and hello to this…

2013 marks the 15th year anniversary of the first films I made with my good buddy Carl Morris, and to celebrate I’m going to be uploading some vintage treats to the internet! Gosh, aren’t you excited. The first is The Unthinkables.

Shot in a style we called ‘Uni-Vision’, we basically just improvised the entire film and had to do any editing in camera: so scenes often end with us trying to awkwardly find a way of stopping recording. Anyway, here it is, all the way from 1998…

Toodle pip,



1 Dec

On the 23rd June this year I cobbled together a handful of actors and ran around London for six hours trying to shoot a somewhat over ambitious short film.  I’ve finally put it online, even though it’s not quite finished, and never will be…